CL4E Video Series

Conservative Leaders for Education (CL4E) released a video series outlining key principles that lawmakers, education officials and engaged stakeholders should use to help drive key state policy decisions that have now been properly returned to the states under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

ESSA and a New Opportunity

The introductory video released titled, “ESSA and a New Opportunity” is the first of a five-part series that will outline four specific education principles critical to advancing conservative education reforms at the state level.

Principle 1 – Accountability

“ESSA created an opportunity for conservatives to say, ‘We care about education. We have good ideas about education,” said CL4E’s chairman, William J. Bennett, former Education Secretary under President Ronald Reagan, noted author, and award-winning professor. “The four principles laid out in our new video series are the foundation of our coalition’s platform and are integral in guaranteeing that all students benefit from the best education possible.”

Principle 2 – Parent Choice 

The new videos cover accountability, parent choice, local control and quality content. The videos feature four of the coalition’s founding members, all of which are Education Committee Chairs in their respective legislatures:

Representative Paul Boyer (Arizona) / Representative Amanda Price (Michigan) / Senator Howard Stephenson (Utah) / Senator Mike Wilson (Kentucky).

Principle 3 – Local Control 

The videos are one of many recruitment tools being employed by CL4E to organize and mobilize conservative education leaders at the state level. In recent weeks, the group has added state leaders from five additional states:

Colorado Senator Owen Hill / Alabama Board Rep. Mary Scott Hunter / Ohio Senator Peggy Lehner / Wisconsin Senator Luther Olsen / Nevada Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury

Principle 4 – Quality Content

Former Secretary Bennett is also featuring the coalition’s founding members on his podcast. His discussions are available online. Click [here] to listen.