CL4E Chairman Bill Bennett and President Karen Nussle: High Praise for SCOTUS Union Decision

BREAKING: Supreme Court Upholds Mark Janus’ First Amendment Rights Over AFSCME

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – This morning the U.S. Supreme Court announced its decision that public employees should be allowed to stop paying union dues. Mark Janus is a public employee from Illinois who has taken his case for the freedom to stop paying AFSCME to the U.S. Supreme Court. He believes that being forced to pay a labor union as a condition of his employment is a violation of his First Amendment. This morning the Supreme Court announced that it agreed with him.

According to CL4E Chairman and former Secretary of Education under President Ronald Reagan, Dr. Bill Bennett, “This decision has changed education policy history, and now ensures that unions aren’t playing politics with our teachers’ hard-earned dollars, when they have no choice.”

President of CL4E Karen Nussle also praised the decision, “Public opinion is clearly on the side of the Supreme Court’s decision.  Only a small percentage of people think it’s right for teachers to have their pay taken without their permission.  Teachers, and all government workers, should have a choice, and exercising that choice should not put their jobs at risk.  This clearly strikes a blow to the unions’ ability to build a political empire on the backs of teachers deserve to keep every dime they earn.”

CL4E also recently conducted a poll taken June 8-14 of 800 registered voters regarding union requirements. In line with the Supreme Court decision, respondents believed that government workers, including teachers, should be allowed to stop paying union dues by nearly a two-to-one margin.


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