CL4E Poll — Americans Overwhelmingly Agree: Teachers Should Have the Right to Reject Union Dues

Supreme Court Decision in Janus vs. AFSCME is Expected Soon

ALEXANDRIA, Va.June 21, 2018 – Based on a poll taken June 8-14 of 800 registered voters, respondents believe that government workers, including teachers, should be allowed to stop paying union dues by nearly a two-to-one margin.

Mark Janus is a public employee from Illinois who has taken his case for the freedom to stop paying AFSCME to the U.S. Supreme Court. He believes that being forced to pay a labor union as a condition of his employment is a violation of his First Amendment.

“The most striking finding from this poll is not just that conservatives support the right of teachers to reject mandatory union dues, but that most everyone agrees this right is sacrosanct,” said Karen Nussle, President of CL4E.

The question and responses were as follows:

Currently government workers in many states, including teachers, must pay dues to a labor union as a requirement of their employment whether they choose to participate in the union or not. However, the Supreme Court will soon decide if these employees may stop paying dues.

Do you believe that government workers should be required to pay union dues to represent them – or – should be allowed to stop paying dues if they choose?

33%: Should be required to pay union dues to represent them.
62%: Should be allowed to stop paying dues if they choose.

Beyond the overall response in favor of public employees’ rights, so too did nearly every subcategory agree:

  • Households with a family member that has a “a member of a labor or teacher’s union, or a state or federal employee” by a 52-45 margin
  • Independent voters by a 68-28 margin
  • “Lean to Democrats” combined with “not-so-strong Democrats” by a 56-35 margin

Conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, 440 interviews were took place on landlines and 360 by cell phone. The margin of error was +3.46%.

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